France: 28
Italy: 0

  • Corentin Rey (4),
  • Mathieu Laguerre (7),
  • David De Macedo (21),
  • Mathias Leveille (28),
  • Mathieu Jussaume (32),
  • Guillame Gorka (36),
  • Arthur Mourgue (39),
  • Mathieu Jussaume (48),
  • Pierre Fourquet (56),
  • Lucas Emblard (58),
  • Arthur Mourgue (61),
  • Miki Bauer (65),
  • Sebastien Bled (69)

  • Arthur Mourgue (9/13)

  • Corentin Rey,
  • Miki Bauer,
  • Pierre Fourquet,
  • Mathieu Laguerre,
  • Guillame Gorka,
  • Arthur Mourgue,
  • Thimothe Bertrand,
  • Barthlelemy Rouge,
  • David De Macedo,
  • Corentin Rey,
  • Sebastien Bled,
  • Mathieu Jussaume,
  • Thomas Lagan.
  • Subs: Francois Dorce-Hantz,
  • Jean Lima Dienne,
  • Mathias Leveille
  • Giovanni Sciacca,
  • Gianluca Privitera,
  • Nico Rizzelli,
  • Antonio Virzi,
  • Alfio Laudani,
  • Francesco Mendosa,
  • Davide Arena,
  • Leonardo Artale,
  • Simone Leotta,
  • Werther Bartolini,
  • Davide Signorelli,
  • Mario Di Sano,
  • Fabio Morosi.
  • Subs: Giovanni Rizzo,
  • Nicholas Ferrero,
  • Stefano Delmasso,
  • Leonardo Raveggi

Match report

France showed why they are among the favourites to win the Rugby League U19 European Championships with a dominant performance against a game, but inexperience Italy team

After Roy Corentin put the French ahead after just four minutes, it signalled the start of a busy afternoon for the Italian defence as they struggled to cope with endless attacks from the French

The score steadily increased as Mourgue made incisive players that put his backs into strong positions of attack and lead to a number of stunning tries as the French players slalomed around the Italian players to score under the posts of several occasions

The score was 28-0 to France at the break, and while the Italian team tried their best in attack, they lost the ball too many times and the French swept this up and added to the scoring.

It will take a good and organised team to beat this France team, who saw Sebastian Bled dive over at the end and Mourgue add the extras to make the final score 70-0 to France

France go on to face Scotland in the Cup Semi-Finals, while Italy will face Ireland in the Ranking Semi-Finals