France: 18
Scotland: 6

  • Thimothe Bertrand (5),
  • Thomas Lagan (14),
  • Louis Carre (30),
  • Mathieu Laguerre (38),
  • Corentin Rey (48),
  • Thomas Lagan (60)
  • Alex Williams (35)

  • David De Macedo (3/4),
  • Thimothe Bertrand (4/4)
  • Luke Punton (1/1)

  • Corentin Rey,
  • Miki Bauer,
  • Mathieu Laguerre,
  • Louis Carre,
  • Guillame Gorka,
  • David De Macedo,
  • Thimothe Bertrand,
  • Florien Vailhen,
  • Thomas Lagan,
  • Hugo Salabio,
  • Pierre Jean Lima,
  • Sebastien Bled,
  • Mathieu Jussaume.
  • Subs: Mathias Leveille,
  • Lucas Emblard,
  • Barthlelemy Rouge,
  • Pierre Fourquet
  • Callum Kennedy,
  • Euan Caldwell,
  • Timmy Kennedy,
  • Iain Oakley,
  • Frankie Armstrong,
  • Fergus Simpson,
  • Luke Punton,
  • Chris Paterson,
  • Dan May,
  • Connor Terrill,
  • Jack McMillan,
  • Charlie Emslie,
  • Matthew Fletcher.
  • Subs: Alex Williams,
  • Sean McKervail,
  • Jamie McCabe,
  • Clem Harrison

Match report

France will go into the U19 European Championship final full of confidence after a strong performance against a Scotland team that worked hard, but lacked composure at the final stages

In a game that threatened to boil over at several stages and, after the final whistle, saw a brief scuffle between opposing players, France made the early breakthrough after a brilliant try by Bertrand, after Jussaume took a Scottish kick and raced up the wing, sending it inside for Bertrand to run clear.

Scotland looked for an instant reply, but naïve passing gave France extra field position, which they exploited to drive Scotland back and force them into conceding penalties, from which De Macedo kicked one to increase the lead

This was to be further increased when Lagan powered over with three defenders on him.

With the half wearing on, both sides put in a shift in defence and attack, with some big hits coming in and plenty of sets being completing in possession.

France further extended their lead with a Carre try that was classy in its execution, Carre stepping inside from the wing, before weaving his way under the posts

Scotland finally got a foothold in the game as Williams went over in the corner after smooth passing by Paterson and Terrill

Scotland came out for the Second Half looking to find their way back into the game, but it was France that struck early, Laguerre forcing his way over at short range to score

Scotland tried their best to get back into the game, with a Punton kick forcing a dropout that eventually lead to a Caldwell knock on, but their luck turned bad when a dubious Knock on call gave France excellent field position, which they took full advantage of with a Rey try in the corner

Tackles became harder and fiercer as the game progressed and tempers flared on a number of occasions as high tackles and foul play started to occur more often

Bertrand kicked a penalty to increase France's lead and Lagan finished off the Scots with a long range try that put France into the final with England, while Scotland will playoff against Wales for 3rd place