Italy: 30
Ukraine: 0

  • Fabio Morosi (2),
  • Davide Arena (5),
  • Anthony Dalmasso (13),
  • Giovanni Rizzo (26),
  • Nicholas Ferrero (30),
  • Alfio Laudani (44),
  • Davide Arena (52),
  • Nico Rizzelli (53),
  • Nico Rizzelli (60),
  • Alfio Laudani (64)

  • Davide Arena (6/7),
  • Fabio Morosi (3/4)
  • Daniil Hapon (3/3)

  • Leonardo Raveggi,
  • Alfio Laudani,
  • Anthony Dalmasso,
  • Anthony Virzi,
  • Gianluca Privitera,
  • Davide Arena,
  • Nico Rizzelli,
  • Salvatore Lipera,
  • Antonio Cacopardo,
  • Fabio Morosi,
  • Mattia Cantoni,
  • Davide Signorelli,
  • Mario Di Sano.
  • Subs: Giovanni Rizzo,
  • Leonardo Artale,
  • Nicholas Ferrero,
  • Mattia Saoncella
  • Daniil Hapon,
  • Denys Maiorov,
  • Dmytro Vasylyshyn,
  • Vladyslav Osipov,
  • Andrii Shelepovskyi,
  • Liubomyr Beznoschuk,
  • Vitalii Puchkov,
  • Anton Bolshakov,
  • Vladislav Rudov,
  • Daniil Chervinskyi,
  • Maksym Shvets,
  • Vitalii Kovach,
  • Oleksandr Petrenko.
  • Subs: Anton Pyatnytskyi,
  • Mykyta Ivchenko,
  • Bohdan Matsiuk,
  • Oleh Kunynets

Match report

Italy will leave Belgrade with some silverware after winning the Bowl, beating a very committed Ukraine team who will take a lot of positives from this tournament, despite three heavy defeats

It was an omen of things to come for Ukraine as Italy came out of the traps fast and were up just two minutes into the game as Morosi thundered over under the posts.

This continued in much the same vein for the next 20 minutes as the Ukrainian defence was buffeted by wave after wave of Italian attack, with Rizelli and Arena having a large impact on the game.

Arena also ran in a try of his own and was also having a good kicking day, converting a subsequent Dalmasso try.

Ukraine tried to find a way back into the game, but became reliant on the boot of Daniil Hapon, who put over three penalties in the match for all of Ukraine’s points.

It was a game played with a competitive spirit and the efforts of the Ukrainian players should not be underestimated. They defended with their bodies and had some good spells in possession.

In the end though, it was Italy’s day and after being 30-2 up at half-time, they continued to batter the Ukrainian line and added to the score on a consistent basis, with Rizelli and Arena again at the fore front of everything the Italians were doing, surpassing the 50-0 scoreline they managed in the qualification game earlier this year to win 58-6