United States: 0
Chile: 0

United States:
  • Danny Howard (10),
  • Ryan Burroughs (15),
  • Ryan Burroughs (17),
  • Mark Offerdahl (23),
  • Mark Offerdahl (25),
  • Brandon Anderson (31),
  • Brandon Anderson (39),
  • Conor Donehue (42),
  • Brandon Anderson (56),
  • Bureta Faraimo (59),
  • Bureta Faraimo (65),
  • Ryan Burroughs (76),
  • Brandon Anderson (79)

United States:
  • Bureta Faraimo (5/13)

United States:
  • Corey Makelim,
  • Ryan Burroughs,
  • Brandon Anderson,
  • Bureta Faraimo,
  • David Washington,
  • Kristian Freed,
  • Conor Donehue,
  • Mark Offerdahl,
  • Danny Howard,
  • Andrew Kneisly,
  • Joe Eichner,
  • Jerome Veve,
  • Haveatama Luani.
  • Subs: Nicholas Newlin,
  • Jamil Robinson,
  • Chris Frazier,
  • Chris Wiggins
  • Thomas Garrido,
  • Jose Nitor-Alvear,
  • Mana Castillo-Sioni,
  • Patrick Caamano,
  • Zecil Yao,
  • Trent Millar,
  • Bradley Millar,
  • Eduardo Wegener,
  • Christian Sandoval,
  • Jaden Laing,
  • Nick Doberer,
  • Brandon Tobar,
  • James Horvat.
  • Subs: Piero Diaz,
  • Iziah Esera,
  • Jonathan Espinoza,
  • Taylor Salas

Match report

In torrential rain, the host Hawks were comfortable 62-0 winners over newcomers Chile in the opening round, seven of their tries claimed by their unstoppable right-hand side combination of Ryan Burrows, with a hat trick, and debutant Brooklyn’s Brandon Anderson who grabbed four; Bureta Faraimo also finishing with 16 points from a try double and four goals.

“In the early stages we weren’t sure what to expect from the opposition,” said USA head coach Sean Rutgerson of the first South American nation to play in the qualifiers.

“We still had to defend because they ran hard, but we just had a bit more experience. It was a good chance to give some of the guys plenty of game time, just so they can get used to playing internationals, and they went well.”

Hawks skipper Mark Offerdahl also grabbed a brace of touchdowns and Jacksonville winger David Washington impressed.

Chile played with heart but were outclassed, loose forward James Horvat their best.

USA and Jamaica will meet at the Hodges Stadium, University of North Florida, Jacksonville on Saturday (kick off time 4pm local) to decide the eleventh nation to qualify for the 2021 Rugby League World Cup in England.