Scotland: 0
Ireland: 0

  • Luke Walters,
  • Luke Walters,
  • Fraser McNee,
  • Alex Williams
  • Aedan Coleman,
  • Sak Fellows,
  • Rex Boulter,
  • Rex Boulter,
  • Jorge Cabral

  • Matthew Hogg (5/5)
  • Josh Dean (4/5)

  • Jake Seymour,
  • Euan Caldwell,
  • Douglas Chirnside,
  • Jonny Hutton,
  • Fraser McNee,
  • Alex Williams,
  • Matthew Hogg,
  • Connor Terrill,
  • Luke Walters,
  • Josh Honan,
  • Jack McMillan,
  • Charlie Emslie,
  • Josh Dalton.
  • Subs: Dan May,
  • Niall Hall,
  • Chris Hollands,
  • Finn Davies-Clark
  • Aedan Coleman,
  • Jorge Cabral,
  • Conor Creaby,
  • Jack O’Sullivan,
  • Sak Fellows,
  • Josh Dean,
  • Brad Sheridan,
  • Aaron Ryan,
  • Ryan Guilfoyle,
  • Euan tiernan,
  • Kevin Varga,
  • James Molvany,
  • Peter Ryan.
  • Subs: Rex Boulter,
  • Aaron Byrne,
  • Tommy Chipchase

Match report

Scotland kicked to a receiving Ireland, starting with a strong defence to Ireland’s first set. With the game scoreless for the first 13 minutes, and the humidity and heat setting in, Scotland maintained a strong line consistently putting pressure on a retreating Ireland. 

With Scotland pushing to within the Irish 10m line, Walters saw a gap and stormed through to put the first points on the board, converted by Hogg for a 6-0 lead.

Scotland make quick work of increasing the lead, with Walters repeating a similar move 16 minutes in. Consistency is key and Hogg converted the second try of the game to extend Scotland to a comfortable lead of 12-0. 

With a minute to half-time, Williams scored and Hogg converted to finish the first half with a comfortable lead of 18-0 over Ireland. 

Half-time saw a drastic change in attitude of both sides. Ireland seemed to return to the field with lifted spirits and Scotland’s confidence and belief had retreated. 

Scotland received and within 2 minutes Ireland gained possession, completing their set with a try scored by Coleman – conversion missed by Dean. This was the start of a strong revival from Ireland. 

Scotland’s defence held on for a further 14 minutes until Ireland’s Fellows scored after a flat line pass. Dean converted to close the gap more to 18-10. 

25 minutes into the second half Scotland pushed hard on Ireland’s middle, leading to McNee to score with a last tackle play to the left side. Hogg missed the conversion and the score was left at 22-10. 

In a quick response, Ireland gained massive ground over Scotland with a well placed kick and Boulter scored a try early into the set. Dean converted again, leaving the score at 22-16. 3 minutes later, a clever kick from Ireland to right side Cabral saw another converted (Dean) try occur. Equal at 22-22 heading into the final minutes of the match. 

Ireland soon conceded a penalty and Scotland utilised the opportunity to squeeze a 2 point lead in with the kick scored by Hogg. He repeated this play with another conceded penalty soon after, settling for a 26-22 lead as we entered the final minute of the game. 

With almost no time to spare, Boulter snuck through the line to secure Ireland’s winning try, converted by Dean, for a final score of 28-26 to Ireland.