Ghana: 4
Cameroon: 0


  • (1/3),
  • (0/1)

  • William Pearce Biney,
  • John Bless Mensah,
  • Micheal Quaye,
  • Collins Kwaku Ofosu,
  • Samuel Adu Aboagye Sarpong,
  • Reece Rance,
  • Chris Da Gama,
  • Marcus Alexander Neil,
  • Philip Asomani,
  • Nigel Nii Ampin Sackey,
  • Riddick Abrokwah,
  • Jordan Annan,
  • Eric Tettegah.
  • Subs: Desmond Atsu Geotrah,
  • Benjamin Anane,
  • Elikem Korsi Asafo,
  • Oliver Puman
  • Yohan Kwedi,
  • Embella Mouhamed,
  • Emmanuel de Porta,
  • Patrick Nkouack,
  • Nguele Hermand,
  • Noah Simon Yannick,
  • Nanga Olama,
  • Lamere Oudi Mfochive,
  • Nguefack Geordane,
  • Armerl Damdja,
  • Hamadou Moussa,
  • Bidjana Jean Claude,
  • Fabrice Joufang.
  • Subs: Ndjecng Arnaud,
  • Watio Frank,
  • Fosso Ledoux,
  • Kallasi Anaud

Match report

Ghana took third place in the 2019 MEA Championships after a hard fought 10-4 victory over Cameroon.


Ghana dominated field position in the first half with the game played in Cameroons twenty for much of the opening period. The pressure told and Ghana winger Samuel Aboagye burst through the defence on 13 minutes with Ghana taking a quick 4-0 lead. 


Cameroon defended heroicly for the next twenty minutes before coming back into the game with strong performances from Embella Mouhamed and Raphael Moutcheu. Ghana led 4-0 at half time. 


Cameroon Head Coach Khalil Njoya must have had a mighty half time team talk as his side exploded out of the blocks in the second half with full back Yohan Kwedi leading the way. The pressure built and Cameroon winger Nguele Hermand broke a few tackles to score and level the scores 4-4. Again, the try was unconverted in what turned into a very tight second half.


The game was in the balance with Cameroon going close with a drop goal attempt. 


The game was decided after a brilliant kick chase by Ghana fullback William Pearce Biney led to a goal line drop out. In the next set of six Ghana loose forward Eric Tettegah bulldozed his way over to score in the last minute. Eric Tettegah converted his own try try and became the hero for Ghana. 


The 10-4 victory over Cameroon meant Ghana took third place in the 2019 Rugby League MEA Championships. 



1. William Pearce Biney 2. Bless John Mensah 3. Michael Quaye 4. Collins Kweku Ofosu 5. Samuel A. Aboagye Sarpong 6. Reece Connor Rance 7. Chris Da Gama 8. Marcus Alexander Neil 9. Philip Mensah 10. Nigel Nii Ampim Sackey 11. Riddick Aprokwah Aliba 12. Jordan Annan 13. Eric Tettegah 14. Desmond Atsu Geotrah 15. Marshall Nortey 16 Benjamin Anane 17. Oliver Puman 18. Enoch Abam Niikoi 19. Elikem Korsi Asafo

Head Coach Andy Gilvary 



1. Yohan Kwedi 2. Embella Mouhamed 3. Emmanuel De Porta 4. Patrick Nkouak 5. Nguele Hermand 6. Yannick Noah Simon 7. Nanga Olama 8. Lamere Oudi Mfochive 9. Geordane Nguefack 10. Armel Damdja 11. Hamadou Moussa 12. Bidjana Jean Claude 13. Fabrice Yepmo Joufang 14. Arnaud Ndjeng 16. Watio Frank, 17. Fosso Ledoux 18. Kallasi Anaud 19. Akoa Akoa Jean Marc 20. Raphael Moutcheu (19 players no 15 jersey)

Head Coach Khalil Njoya