Greece: 16
Scotland: 18

Match report

Scotland have qualified for the 2021 Rugby League World Cup following a 24-42 win over Greece at New River Stadium in London. 

In a tightly fought contest which was 24-24 half way through the second half, Scotland finished strongly with a flurry of trys to score 18 unanswered points. 

Greece still have an opportunity to qualify for World Cup if they manage to beat Serbia next week and take second place in the group. 

Full Match Report to Follow 

Scotland Team

1. Alex Walker 2. Matt Hogg 3. Davey Dixon 4. David Scott 5. Will Oakes 6. Callum Mclelland 7. Ryan Brierley 8. Luke Douglas 9. Oscar Thomas 15. Sam Luckley 11. Nick Glohe 12. Ben Kavanagh

13. Dale Ferguson 10. Dan Turland 16. Joe Mclean 17. Kieran Moran 21. Liam Faughlin  


Greece Team

1. Terry Constantinou 2. John Mitsias 3. Greg Koutsimporgiogos 4. Mitchell Zampetides 5. Nick Mougios 6. Chaise Robinson 7. Jordan Meads 8. Stefano Totidis 9. Peter Mamouzelos 10. Robert Tuliatu 11. Sebastian Sell 12. Jake Kambos 13. Billy Magoulias 14. Kosta Katsidonis 15. Stefanos Bastas 16. Jake Vrahnos 17. Theodoris Nianiakas



0-4       Try Scotland 7. Ryan Brierley             RB in support following a Davey Dixon break outwide 

0-6       Conversion 7. Ryan Brierley

0-10     Try Scotland 6. Callum Mclelland        CM with a great sidestep to score 

0-14     Try Scotland 12. Ben Kavanagh           BK powers over to defender to score outwide

4-14     Try Greece 4. Mitchell Zampetides      Right edge attack with great hands

8-14     Try Greece 10. Robert Tuliatu            Try following sustained pressure and a goal line drop out. RT uses power to score

10-14    Conversion Greece 7. Jordan Meads

10-18    Try Scotland 4. David Scott                  Alex Walker with a long pass outwide and DS becomes Scotland’s all time record try scorer 

14-18    Try Greece 9. Peter Mamouzelos         Greece score on the next set following a scrum 10m out

16-18    Conversion 7. Jordan Meads

16-18    Halftime 

Halftime: 16:18 

18-18    Penalty Greece 7. Jordan Meads

            Yellow Card to Scotland’s 17. Kieran Moran       For a high tackle

18-22    Try Scotland 6. Callum Mclelland                     Greece lose the ball at the play the ball and Scotland immediately punish

18-24    Conversion Scotland  7. Ryan Brierley

22-24    Try Greece – 6. Chaise Robinson                     A clever kick creates an overlap

24-24    Conversion Greece 7. Jordan Meads

24-28    Try Scotland 5. Will Oakes                                 Looping pass outwide and WO scores in the corner 

24-32    Try Scotland 12. Ben Kavanagh

24-34    Conversion Scotland 9. Oscar Thomas

24-36    Penalty Scotland 9. Oscar Thomas

24-40    Try Scotland 8. Luke Douglas                             In his final game of his professional career, LD scores following a powerful run

24-42    Conversion Scotland 7. Ryan Brierley

Fulltime 24-42