Lebanon: 8
Palestine: 4

    Omar Marhaba 2, Carl Baroud 2, Fawez Abdo, Ali Kang
    Samir el Souri

    Ibrahim Raad 1/6
    Mostafa Abou Shilah 0/1

Match report


In the opening game of the second annual Middle East North Africa U16 Championship at the American University of Beirut’s Charles Hostler Student Center, the hosts got off to a winning start, with Lebanon defeating Palestine RL U16, 26-4. The Palestinians held the advantage over the Junior Cedars in size, while the Lebanese had the edge in speed, which proved decisive, scoring some exciting individual tries in a good game of football.


Junior Cedars Head Coach Rayan Tout was extremely pleased with his young charges, “We had a very good hit out, and kept them out of our red zone. However, our defence was not up to expectation at times, and we need to work on it if we want to beat defending champions Saudi Schools Select. We look forward to our next game and hope we can keep the trophy at home this year.”


Ahmad Masri the Palestine XIII head coach noted, “we started poorly and when that happened I think we started getting negative thoughts. We were very aware of what might happen and that they would come out strong. I thought we were still going to get back into it.''

Overseeing proceedings was Remond Safi, the MENA Regional Director. “It was a great start to the MENA U16 Championship,” he said. “It is great to see many new faces playing the sport in both camps and I am looking forward to the next round.”


Referee: Robin Hachache, Touch Judges: Gaby Haddad, George Rahal, 4th Official Jad Essiely.


M. El Hassan, Y. El Hassan, O. Marhaba, K. Masri (c), A. Kang, K. Tannar, F. Abdo, G.  Farah, A. Soultan G. Yazbeck, A. Akl, C. Baroud, L. Chedrawi, S. Saadeh, N. El Baba, M. Hamwi, I. Raad.


S. Souri, S. Abou Shallah, H. Mordeaa, M. Abou Shilah, M. Ghabon, A. Mordeaa, H. Abou Shindi, I. Saidi, A. Menawi, S. Rosa, M. el Khalil, M. Esdahmad, I. Najami, A. Laham, A. Halimi, G. Sarrice, M. Abed El Rasoul.