27 Sep 2018

At an Extraordinary General Assembly held in Beirut, the Lebanese Rugby League Federation clubs have unanimously adopted a package of major reforms including a new membership policy, the club championship participation agreement and the federation’s operational rules.

“We set out our commitment to reform the LRLF a while ago and are delighted to have adopted this initial package which will support the modernisation and professionalization of the federation,” said general secretary Sami Garabedian, who chaired the meeting.  

The attendees also discussed the possible appointment of independent directors, another key part of the governance reform, with two un-named candidates having accepted nomination.

“It is very exciting to see the calibre of person who is interested in joining the board,” continued Garabedian, “The next phase of the project is very important as we seek to consolidate our gains from 2017 and position the governing body to ensure it has the strongest possible foundation to move forward from.”

Immortals RLFC representative George Rahal added: “We all share the goal of lifting standards for the sport and this reform is certainly a step in the right direction. Now it is up to the member clubs and LRLF administrative committee to continue the momentum.”

The audit of the LRLF accounts is also nearing completion.