France and Spain To Meet In Wheelchair Clash

23 Aug 2022

France and Spain have announced squads for a Wheelchair Rugby League International on Saturday 3rd September in Fitou, France. 

The World Champions will be looking to bounce back from a 62-48 loss to England in June, whilst Spain will be playing their first international since the 2017 World Cup, with a view to using the game as intense preparation for this year's competition. 

“We are entering an intense preparation phase before the World Cup” France Head Coach Sylvain Crismanovich noted. "As well as the match, this meeting will be an opportunity for the group to reunite after a break.

"We are very happy to play a Wheelchair match against a team which is not England and it will be an interesting recovery match against a great Spanish team.”

France squad: Mostefa Abassi (Saint-Jory), Lionel Alazard (Montauban), Jérémy Bourson (Dragons Handi), Gilles Clausells (Dragons Handi), Nicolas Clausells (Dragons Handi), Dany Denuwelaere (Montauban), Thomas Duhalde (Euskadi), Florian Guttadoro (SO Avignon), Guillaume Mautz (SO Avignon), Julien Penella (Euskadi) Arno Vargas (Dragons Handi), Yann Verdi (SO Avignon). Standby: HIVERNAT Jonathan Hivernat (Dragons Handi), Adrien Zittel (Arbent).

Spain squad: David Berty (St Toulousain), Jorge Gelade-Panzo (Dragons Handi), Theo Gonzalez (Handisport Roannais) Joel lacombe (Dragons Handi) Yannick martin (Montauban) Fabien Moisdon (Dragons Handi) Raphaël Monedero (Dragons Handi) David Raymond (Biganos) Wilfrid Seron (St Toulousain)