Polytank and RLFG Join Forces to Elevate Ghana's Rugby League Scene

5 Mar 2024

 In a groundbreaking collaboration, Polytank and the Rugby League Federation Ghana (RLFG) have united to usher in a new era for the 2024 Rugby League 13s Championship Season. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), inked on February 29, 2024, lays the foundation for a partnership that promises to enhance the championship experience and propel the growth of rugby league in Ghana.


The ongoing 12-week tournament, which kicked off on January 28, features Men, Women, and Youth league categories, embodying inclusivity and excellence in sportsmanship.


This strategic alliance between Polytank and RLFG signifies the convergence of industry leadership and sports excellence. Both entities express eagerness about the positive impact this collaboration will have on the rugby league community and sports enthusiasts across Ghana.


Polytank, a household name synonymous with durability and legacy in Ghana, brings its extensive brand reputation to the partnership. The company's Business Head, Girender Mohinani, highlights the rationale behind choosing RLFG: "The reason we chose the RLFG is because we see synergy between rugby league as a sport, with key values such as strength, durability, and power. Hopefully, this collaboration will continue to thrive."


Riddick Alibah, the Greater Accra Regional Manager, enthusiastically states, "This is a fantastic partnership that will undoubtedly contribute significantly to the development of the federation. Securing support has been challenging, but with Polytank—a legacy and durable brand in Ghana—joining forces, this is truly promising and uplifting."


As this partnership unfolds, it marks a significant chapter in the sports history of Ghana, fusing the strength of Polytank's brand with the resilience and dynamism of RLFG. The impact of this collaboration is poised to resonate not only within the rugby league community but with corporate Ghana and also across the broader landscape of sports enthusiasts in the country. With hopes that this is not just a one time collaboration  ,but the beginning of a long term partnership and a legacy building move. The 2024 championship is just the start but this will transcend to the future and the polytank brand will be attached to the sports in Ghana till the sport achieves all future successes.