Scotland Rugby League undertaking Strategic Review

26 Mar 2024

Following the latest news from International Rugby League Scotland RL would like to share the process we’ve been going through over recent months. 

The newly constructed board is undertaking a strategic review of the game in Scotland with the goal of developing a sustainable multi-year strategy moving forwards. 

The review will incorporate both a detailed look at data as well as a series of interviews and consultations with both internal and external stakeholders. The review will deep dive into key areas of the business with a focus on management and resources, national teams, clubs & competitions, pathways, and education. 

Following the findings of the review the board will then develop a multi-year strategy based on key recommendations to drive the growth and sustainability of the sport in Scotland. 

Scotland Rugby League Co-Chairs Alistair McVicar and Debbie Knight commented; "As we move into a time of transition with new board members as well as the changes to the international calendar, alongside our change in status, we felt it important to re-establish who we are, what we are trying to achieve and how we should go about this . The decision by IRL to change our status will see financial support over the coming year to help us reach our new goals. 

This is very much a step forward for the organisation and one we are fully embracing; through this process we want an honest appraisal of our situation and to produce a coherent and above all sustainable roadmap for our great sport in Scotland."

Further details will be available across Scotland Rugby League platforms about the review and how all stakeholders can contribute.