22 Sep 2013

In the town hall of Nikaea-Rendis (Piraeus region) the representatives of the members of the Hellenic Federation of Rugby League, took part in the organisation’s first General Meeting, called by the temporary administration.The members, constituted by the Greek rugby league clubs, were informed about the HFRL’s plans, the European dimension, the formation of the national team, which is due to play its first official match next month, the minutes of the RLEF AGM, and the efforts for the recognition of the federation by the state.

Five representatives were elected to the Board of Directors and three members to the Auditing Committee.The HFRL board is Anastasios Pantazidis (President), Dimitrios Minadakis (Vice President), George Stilianos (Secretary General), Konstantina Georga (Treasurer), Iordanis Bilikaidis (Member). The Auditing Committee will meet every year to check the financial report and evidence in order to draw up a report to the General Assembly.

Next week, the new Board will form the Committees for the Greek championship, arbitration, and the Technical Committee.