Polska RL XIII Seeking Head Coach

6 Jan 2022

The board of Polska Rugby XIII is inviting applications for the role of head coach of the national team. Established in 2015, PRXIII’s focus for 2022 is to establish a fourth club and commence a full domestic competition, along with playing a minimum of two internationals in the autumn.

“Poland Rugby League is trying to rebuild after the hardships of the pandemic,” said president Łukasz Łucka. “The last two years were not easy for us and we had to put our national team on hold. We currently have a fantastic group of passionate people involved. They are all filled with positivity and confidence and everybody strongly believes that appointing a new coach will help us reach our long term goals.

“The national team is an important part of our development plan and it's an exciting prospect for us that we will jump back onto the international stage this year with a new appointment on board.”

The ideal candidate will have experience in planning and delivering performance programmes, but most importantly a clear understanding of rugby league and player development at a grass roots level. 

Full details of the role can be downloaded by clicking here

To apply, those interested should email a covering letter and brief coaching CV to James Szymik at [email protected]

Applications close on Monday 31 January.